• Image of Dear Mother Girls White T-Shirt (Bamboo)
  • Image of Dear Mother Girls White T-Shirt (Bamboo)
  • Image of Dear Mother Girls White T-Shirt (Bamboo)
  • Image of Dear Mother Girls White T-Shirt (Bamboo)

Dear Mother – Things are going great… honest!

Original illustration for Conquer Gear ® by Daniel Jamie Williams.

70% Bamboo Viscose 30% Organic Cotton
Fine Jersey 3oz / 115g

Our women's bamboo roll-sleeve is a classic tunic style T with rolled up sleeves. Good for women that are looking for a boy cut with female detailing; slightly more feminine open neck and smaller hems.

Bamboo has a shady past, used to torture during war. Jungle habitat that can grow up to 1 meter a day, it was grown into unfortunate victims while they were strapped in place. But what about harnessing this growth spurt for good? Bamboo can be continually re-harvested with no damage to the surrounding environment. It is a grass and so regenerates after being cut just like a lawn without the need for replanting. Soil erosion is not an issue and crop rotation is not required to keep the soil in good condition.
As long as we use finite resources with care and look after production issues, they can offer us amazing solutions. Cotton the largest user of water among all agricultural commodities. Bamboo is used for food, construction as well as clothing. With careful planning it provides more material per hectare than cotton, while also growing in harsh and un-irrigated land. This may prove to be the yin to our yang!

Check the sizing chart for dimensions.

Audited by the Fair Wear Foundation, promoting Ethical Trade and Justice for workers. Organic blended cotton standard!